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Welcome to my website!

I’m a professional writer and storyteller based in beautiful Madison, Wisc. I would like this website to serve as a portfolio of my work, so please have a look around and hopefully, you’ll enjoy all of the articles, videos, photos, and comics I have up!

I currently work as a technical writer for Aldevron, a Danaher company that that manufactures the source material used to create sometimes life-saving medications and vaccines. From September 2019 to May 2021, I worked as the science writer at the Waisman Center, a research facility that is dedicated to the study of neurodegenerative and developmental disorders. I received my master’s degree in Life Sciences Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2019 where I focused my studies on communicating environmental issues and medicine.

For three semesters of grad school, I was a teaching assistant for the course LSC 100: Science & Storytelling, an experience that I really loved. I enjoyed getting to know my students and cultivating a sense of community in a room of people from many different backgrounds. It also served as a great opportunity to improve my public speaking skills. The text for this class, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, is one of the main reasons I’ve chosen to pursue a career in science writing. (Other inspirations include Carl Sagan and Mary Roach.)

I was also the treasurer for the UW’s Center for Culture, History & Environment, a group of campus faculty, staff, and graduate students from many different backgrounds whose interest in environmental studies brings them together.

In a less official capacity, I am a cartoonist and a stand-up comedian. In January 2020, I promised myself I would draw more and the result is Slush Pile Comics, which you can check out on this website! I also have performed stand-up comedy on and off for the last five years throughout southern Wisconsin — mainly in the Madison area — and northern Illinois and am looking to expand my geography. In 2017, I started my own monthly comedy show that I often used as a fundraiser for organizations like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Immigrant Defense Project, and Wisconsin Public Radio. Humor is a very important means of communication to me and one I feel has the potential to bring people together in an increasingly divided social climate.

When I’m not doing these things, I’m hanging out with my fiancĂ© Emily and our dogs Toby and Oliver (all pictured below).

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading through my website!

Photo by Jennifer Raye Photography.